My mission is to coach leaders to be the best in their field.

Learn what leadership really is and make a positive impact on your business.

Train The Leader

Developing People, Training Leaders, Inspiring the Masses


Leadership development isn't about selling you a program or telling you how to run YOUR business. It is about partnering with you to customize and enhance you and your team to be the best. With a proven methodology and a customized approach to understanding your team, we deliver the best framework for both you and your business.

A coach and trainer is a very important part of anyone's success strategy - the most successful people have coaches.


When you have a coach you know you have additional support and someone to help with your daily thinking (We all deal with automatic negative thoughts that we listen to and really shuldn't).

Are you ready to uncover what has been holding you back and learn how to move forward to your greatest success?

I can help if you are

  • ​Unable to focus on your goals
  • Unclear about your direction
  • Feeling discouraged & inadequate
  • Hungry for change and no motivation to move forward
  • Big goals and lots of ambition but spinning wheels
  • Needing someone to talk to that understands

No Obligation - Let's See If We Are A Good Fit

Be Inspired and live every day with excitement.

Success in our daily lives is the fuel that keeps us going.

live and work intentionally.

No Obligation Call To See If We Are A Good Fit

Leadership Coaching and Training in Waco, TX

Ken Noble is a trainer and coach who works with business owners to develop their team of leaders. His strategies focus heavily on leadership and personal growth.

Ken helps his students develop their true character while guiding them into their best selves in leadership.

It takes effort and time learning the difference between being an effective and strong leader in your organization vs someone who simply manages a team.

Ken lives and teaches that difference.



Jumpstart package:

6 Month Coaching Program Designed to Help You Start Setting Goals So That You Can Maximize Your Awareness and Growth.


9 Month Coaching Program Designed To Accelerate Your Growth and Achieve Your Personal & Business Goals.



12 Month Coaching Program Designed To Deep Dive Into Growth and High Achieving Strategies That Will Increase Your Confidence and Your Bank Account.


Concierge 12 Month Coaching Program Designed To Give VIP Clients "EXTRA SPECIAL" Attention and Care. Top Level of Coaching Available Through Noble Leadership Solutions.

Corporate training is designed to provide your leaders...

...the opportunity to refresh and polish, their leadership skills so they can continue to positively impact their team...

I am on a mission to help others just like you and your teams!

Corporate Leadership Training & Workshops

a FEW Companies Ken Noble Has Worked With....

Book Ken To SPeak/TRAIN AT Your Company

There are many different types of coaches in the market today. Your business is expanding and your teams must be prepared and able to meet the demands of the growth.

It is imperative that during this time your front line is being led and coached by your leaders to increase productivity, grow revenue, and still allow for human culture. Prepare your management team to be leaders. Empower them to train, develop and work one on one to build up new leaders with solid company mission standards.

This training process allows your company to keep and develop the very best talent in the market. The leadership coaching program that Noble Leadership Solutions provides sets companies apart from the rest.

You will not only be investing into your companies future, but you will be investing into your leadership team! This is crucial for creating a culture of loyalty and high standards within your organization.

Show your management team how much you value them by giving them every opportunity to succeed!

We offer several coaching programs that can be catered to your business needs. Personal and business coaching is a one on one program. Group trainings can be scheduled as an event to coach your entire leadership team at once.

Mastermind groups are a great way to receive the leadership training as an individual for personal development plan.

Corporate leadership development Services Offered

From life coaching to executive coaching, our alliances help you achieve your highest goals... and help you discover who you are along the way.

Helping you to customize leadership development for your company. Custom programs, your needs, your way.

Get a message to your entire team with one group session. We offer "Lunch and Learn", seminar-style, or full retreat training.

Our assessments are the starting point for determining the growth points and potential and are a valuable first step in leadership development.

With 19 years of experience, and having been trained and mentored by John C. Maxwell, internationally recognized leadership expert, and best-selling author, our speaking will motivate, inspire, and entertain audiences of all sizes.

A Mastermind group is a gathering of highly motivated individuals who share a common goal and are looking to encourage one another and help each other improve.

Why hire a trainer

Building an environment for your organization to be at its peak performance requires constant attention. Developing leaders in your organization helps spread the attention out to qualified personnel to further meet your goals.

It has been said that "People don't leave organizations, they leave leaders". Making sure you are building and equipping leaders is what will help your organization grow to the next level.

Leaders are responsible for meeting a variety of goals, from creating a positive company culture and customer experience to sustaining productivity and increasing revenue.

The best organizations are always moving forward and growing their leaders and team members along the way.

The best companies growth happens when they grow their teams from the front lines to the executive level.

Every member of your team is an influencer and that's what leadership is all about. Influence.

At Noble Leadership Solutions, we offer a wide variety of proven solutions for leadership and team development that leads to wins for the organization.

How Coaching Works


We start by learning more about what drives you to succeed and answering some tough questions. You will take an assessment that will help you better understand how you operate and discover actions you can use for personal growth.


We will use SMART Goals to strategize actions we will take throughout our time together to ensure your growth and success. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound Goals.


We will use our online software to track your growth. As your coach, I will be your biggest cheerleader. We will celebrate each milestone you reach and I will be here on your hard days when you need me.


When you have a coach you no longer have to pursue your goals alone. You have someone who takes the time to learn your deepest desires and goals and helps you implement action in order to accomplish what you intend to accomplish.


As you travel this journey of growth you will learn to develop in all areas of your life. Personal development is a lifelong journey. It is incredibly powerful to have people in your life to help you make that journey and teach you ways to develop professionally and personally.


People describe "Success" in many different ways. We believe "SUCCESS IS PERSONAL FULFILLMENT". Whatever success means to you, that feeling of accomplishment occurs when you have fulfilled your personal goals and dreams.

Let's do it together!

Not ready for one on one coaching, but you want to get started on your growth journey?



choose the program that best fits your needs, So you can make the best investment in yourself.



Billed annually, no set up fee.

6 Month Billing Option Available

2 Hour Deep Dive Session

Weekly Growth Tracker

2 Monthly 1 Hour Sessions

Email Once A Week



Billed annually, no set up fee.

9 Month Billing Option Available

2 Hour Deep Dive Session

Weekly Growth Tracker

One "Spot Coaching" Call Per Month

2 Monthly 1 Hour Sessions

Unlimited Email Communication



Billed annually, no set up fee.

12 Month Billing Option Available

2 Hour Deep Dive Session

Weekly Growth Tracker

Two "Spot Coaching" Calls Per Month

2 Monthly 1 Hour Sessions

1 Monthly ZOOM Mastermind Meeting

Maxwell Method of Growth Impact Report Debrief

Unlimited Email & Text Communications

(During Business Hours)

Experience growth in your business and in your personal life while having a coach to help you push through the tough days with confidence and determination!

I commit to showing up for you. I GUARANTEE

IF you show up for yourself, you will experience tremendous growth in your life.

Coaching is a two-party participation concept. The work has to be done by both the client and the coach.

If you are truly putting in the work, and you do not experience any growth or discover your strengths and opportunities for growth, you can cancel your sessions with a 30-day notice.

Here's what my clients have to say

Ken truly cares about developing and helping people. He is a great leader because he makes great leaders. His goals are to help others reach their goals. I truly appreciate all the lessons he has taught me. I see his impact on my life, daily in the way I live and act now. Much love for him and his leadership.

- A. Moroles

Ken Noble has had an enormous impact on my leadership, character, and ability to influence others towards success. His example, knowledge, and knack for providing practical and effective solutions to problems is top of the line. Grateful for the investment in my leadership and organization.


Ken is an amazing speaker and leader! My time with him in South Africa seeing him train people in leadership was so insightful and impactful to the community. Highly recommend Ken as a coach, trainer and leader!


Coaching clients discover they have had the ability all along to be great leaders, they just needed someone to show them.

The exciting thing about personal development is learning to live your best life doing what you were created to do.

How Does Hiring A Coach Work?


What does a coach do?

The life coach definition is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. They are like a supportive friend and trusted adviser rolled into one. They’re someone who will push you to identify your goals, hold you accountable, and provide encouragement throughout your journey to become a better version of yourself.

Why should I get a coach?

Coaching isn’t for everybody, although everybody could use a coach. You are ready for a coach when you are ready to achieve some big goals or dreams and you want to get there faster than stumbling through it on your own. Coaching provides outside, objective insight, focuses on your goals and involves curiosity to ask the questions that you may not have thought of to help you into self-awareness, overcoming limiting beliefs, and resources that you may have overlooked.

What do I pay for as a client of a leadership coach?

Depending on the package you purchase you can get the basics: Two one-hour sessions a month plus an online system and a weekly email as needed to connect with your coach. Or the Platinum package which includes a Maxwell Method of Growth Impact report, 2 sessions, an online software system, and unlimited calls to the coach as needed. 

Ultimately, whatever package you choose, you receive my fullest attention as your coach to believe in you and help you reach your goals and become your best self. It’s a cheerleader, a confidante, a business partner, and accountability that will not let you slack off. I have very limited slots (15) for clientele so that I can be fully present for them.

Will I have to sign a contract for coaching?

Yes, just like with any professional business service, contracts are a part of the process. In the contract, there are terms of engagement so you know what to expect from your coach, as well as establishing the guidelines and limitations of coaching. Included are payment terms and refund policies to protect both parties. This is necessary to make sure the client engages with the process and holds them accountable for payment.

Do you maintain accountability?

Yes. Accountability is one of the pillars of coaching. Sessions will be documented with action steps that the clients decide upon, and input into a software system for tracking metrics, action steps, and maintaining a dialogue with the coach and client.

What systems do you use and why?

I use an online coaching database called Coach Accountable. It keeps a record of our session, action steps for goals, a journal for the client, trackable metrics, and a stream that keeps you notified. This is accessible from your computer, tablet, or phone. There are weekly goal tracker forms for you to fill out and even pre and post-session worksheets to get the most out of your coaching experience.

I don’t rely on the system as a robot coaching, it is simply a tool to get you the resources in a timely scheduled manner and alert me when you are participating to help me monitor your progress.

Will you blow a whistle if I screw up?

NO! No whistles in my practice. I do have a bell we can ring when you meet a goal, because who doesn’t want to ring a bell?

What makes you different than other coaches?

Great question! Honestly, I don’t know how to answer that one. So, here’s what I can tell you about my methodology. I love helping people achieve their dreams and desires, to become what the creator fully created them for. It’s my purpose in life. As your coach, I will do everything I can to help you succeed because your success is my success! Some people don’t vibe with me, that’s ok. I don’t want to coach everybody, just those that I align with. If you and I aren’t a fit, I have hundreds of coaches that I can refer you to that I trust. I know that there are lots of people that call themselves a “Coach” with zero certification or training, and that makes us all look bad. I’m an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and have been certified through one of the top coaching certification programs globally. Feel free to look it up!

How will my life be different with your coaching?

That depends on what you want to accomplish and how driven you are to get there. The power of the coaching relationship lies within the client, not the coach. I’m not some wizard that waves a wand and your life becomes all that you would hope it would be (Sorry!) It is all about you!

What do you require of me?

The only requirement that I have is for you to show up 100%. What I mean by that is that you are fully invested in your growth and goals. Whatever action steps or worksheets that you want will be given to you. I typically plan for 2 sessions a month, but some may want more, some less. Once again, the power of your progress and accountability is in your hands.

How frequently do you check in on me?

The only requirement that I have is for you to show up 100%. What I mean by that is that you are fully invested in your growth and goals. Whatever action steps or worksheets that you want will be given to you. I typically plan for 2 sessions a month, but some may want more, some less. Once again, the power of your progress and accountability is in your hands.

Are our meetings in person? Zoom? On the phone?

All meetings are in person, if possible, Zoom if needed (I have clients all over) and phone if needed; whatever you would like, but face to face is always my preference.

How long will it take to “Fix” me?

LOL! You are not broken! You may have some things that are limiting you from being the success that you want to be, and we will uncover those during the coaching process. However, you choose whether we address those or not. As a coach, I am bound by my code of ethics not to FORCE change or awareness on anyone. Simply put, the journey takes as long as needed.

My Coach & Mentor

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